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Cape Town Bicycle Tours

June 24, 2017

Cape Town Bicycle Tours: What Are They And Why Go On One

Cape Town is one of the most fascinating cities in South Africa, as well as the world. Everyone should visit Cape Town at least once in their life, including you. However, make sure you take a Cape Town bicycle tour. Below is more information about what Cape Town bicycle tours are, why you should do one and other useful information.

1. What Are Cape Town Bicycle Tours

You have probably heard of guided tours before, such as taking tours of cities via bus or train and so forth. Well, bicycle tours are tours that are guided, but you travel via bicycle. There are many reasons why you should take a bicycle tour, and some of them will be discussed in the next section.

2. Why Cape Town Bicycle Tours

You should do a bicycle tour of Cape Town because you will get to see many attractions. There are a lot of different cycling paths and many are near major tourist attractions, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything. The attractions you’ll get to see depends on the tour company you book with.

Another reason why you should do a Cape Town bicycle tour is because it is great exercise. Regardless of the difficulty of tour you choose to take part in, you will get a good amount of exercise in. A lot of people choose cycling tours because it is a great way for them to have fun and exercise at the same time.

Cape Town Bicycle Tour

You’ll also receive an experienced guide. They can take you to various parts of Cape Town that you might not have known about, and they will make the entire experience that much better. An experienced guide can also tell you about each location that you visit and they can make the tour more fun, and let’s not forget to mention that you will meet other people.

Cycling tours are affordable too. Prices vary from company to company. Generally speaking, bicycle tours are affordable and well worth the money.

3. When Is The Best Time Of Year To Do One- There is no right time of the year because any time of the year is perfect. However, you should definitely visit Cape Town during its summer because other times of the year it can be a bit chilly, but bearable. The choice is ultimately up to you, but you should consider going in the summer, spring or their fall season.

4. How To Book

Booking a Cape Town bicycle tour is easy because you can do it online. There are a number of companies that offer bicycle tours Cape Town and most allow you to book a tour online. Once you have booked a tour, you simply show up in Cape Town and then you can begin your tour.

5. Choosing The Right Company

Different companies have different ways of doing bicycle tours, so choose one that offers you the itinerary you find the most interesting. Also, make sure the company you choose has experienced guides and choose a company that offers bicycle tours for your difficulty preference. For example, if you don’t want to do anything too strenuous, then choose a tour that is easy to complete and one that maintains a slow or steady pace. The more companies you compare, the better your chances are of finding the right company to book a bicycle tour with.

As you can see, it is worth taking a bicycle tour in Cape Town. It is one of the best ways to see what the city has to offer. All you have to do now is find a company and book your tour today.

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